• Štefan Liščák
  • Ľubomír Moravčík

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technical requirements, safety of vehicle, construction of vehicle, regulatory acts, approval of vehicle


The road safety is affected by several factors quality of infrastructure, behaviour of drivers, including their proper training and also safe cars. For the safety of vehicles in the approving process a number of regulations (regulatory acts) apply, regulating the technical requirements in the active and passive vehicle safety, but also in the environment. In the area of technical requirements for vehicles and their parts significant changes occur constantly, mainly due the progressive technological developments. A large number of regulatory acts are often changed due to a tightening. These regulatory acts relates directly to manufacturers, because their manufactured vehicles have to meet these requirements. That these regulatory instruments are evolving in the right direction proved the fact that due to the better road safety the number of fatal accidents in the last two decades shrunk, although the volume of traffic has tripled. A significant progress has been achieved only through the improved vehicle safety and only in a small measure thanks to the improvement and upgrading of the infrastructure.


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